Domain names

There are a wide variety of domain names available for registration. Domains are registered for a specific period of time after which they can either be renewed or allowed to lapse so they can be registered by someone else.

The registration or renewal fee for a domain covers the registration of the domain itself and DNS nameserver service for the life of the domain with us. There are no cancellation or transfer out fees for any domain we hold.

Domain extension Registration cost
UK £10 + VAT per 2 years £10 + VAT per 2 years £10 + VAT per 2 years
.london £60 + VAT per 2 years
.com £25 + VAT per 2 years
.net £25 + VAT per 2 years
.org £25 + VAT per 2 years

All domains held by us will be registered in your own name and you will be listed as the Registrant with the relevant registry. This gives you authority to control the use of the domain and is an important safeguard for you

We recommend registration and renewal periods of 2 years but domains can be registered for up to 10 years on request.

Renewals process

Domains can be renewed at any time and we recommend early renewal to avoid any risk of losing the domain. As a domain approaches its expiry date we will send reminder emails to the email address we have recorded for the registrant so it is important that you keep your contact details up to date. Renewal messages are sent 60, 30 and 7 days before the expiry date of the domain. If you do not renew your domain by its expiry date, there is a brief grace period after which services on the domain will be suspended. During the grace period and suspension the domain remains registered to you and it is possible to reactivate it upon payment of the renewal fee. However if we do not receive a renewal request from you during the grace or suspension periods the domain will be made available for others to register at which point you run the risk of losing it.

Please note that some domain name registries  make an additional charge for renewing a domain which has already been suspended. More information on this is included on the renewal reminder emails.

Terms and Conditions for Registration

In addition to the Vortex Terms and Conditions, domain name registrations are also subject to the Terms and Conditions of the registry which issued them. Domain names ending in .uk are covered by the Nominet Registrant Terms and conditions which can be found at Non UK domain names are covered by the OpenSRS registration contract which can be found at