Intelliworx Merger Information

We have created the following list of potential questions to provide more information on our merger with Intelliworx Managed IT Ltd. If you have any questions not answered by the information below, please contact Nigel on 0845 004 3136 or 07785 767 361.

Question Answer
What are Intelliworx’s contact details Company Name: INTELLIWORX Managed IT Ltd.
Telephone : 020 3051 4590
Helpdesk email:
Nigel’s email:
Postal address:
Exmouth House, Suite 4.03
3-11 Pine Street
Why are you making this change?

Although we have worked hard to provide a high level of service and technical knowledge to clients, we were not able to effectively manage the level of work we were receiving and be as proactive with clients as we wanted to be. As a result of that, we were unable to run Vortex at a profit.

The transfer to Intelliworx gives us the best of both worlds – the resources of a larger organisation with the personal attention of a smaller office. This blend allows us to have  structures in place to be proactive and effective and provide the level of service you need.

Will there be any changes to the charges we pay?

Intelliworx have committed to maintaining all services that Vortex currently offer at our current rates for a minimum of 12 months. The level of service and the fees charged have been at the centre of our discussions with them. We have taken great pains to ensure that Intelliworx is an appropriate partner to work with and they have made every effort to welcome you to their client family. We have no doubt that Nigel and all Intelliworx staff will provide an excellent and fairly priced service for you going forward.

There have been occasions recently where issues with the paperwork side of running Vortex have meant that things were not charged for that should have been. I know that most of our clients are small businesses and conscious of costs so I want to be clear that our hourly rate has not changed and it is not Intelliworx’s goal to charge significantly more hours than we currently do. However, time spent working on issues will be charged for unless the issue is covered by a fixed cost monthly support agreement.

How will we make payments in the future?

Vortex will continue to raise invoices for work and services provided prior to July 1st and in some cases this will result in an invoice raised in July for services performed in June. Payment for these and all other invoices raised by Vortex should be made to Vortex as normal.

All work and services provided after July 1st will be invoiced by Intelliworx and payment should be made to them.

There are some small differences with regard to the practicalities of making payments. When raising invoices for work performed, Intelliworx will invoice for tickets as they are completed so you will get smaller invoices spread out over time rather than infrequent larger ones. They also operate on 14 day payment terms whereas we offered 30 days.

Do Intelliworx offer any additional services? On the IT support side, Intelliworx offer some cost-effective managed service options that allow you to have proactive support services for fixed monthly costs. Intelliworx also have additional options for Internet and cloud hosting especially for backup. We will recommend these options to you, without obligation, if we believe they will be more appropriate for you than your current services.
What will happen to our web sites and email mailboxes we have with Vortex? There will be no interruption in service for your web sites or email. We will be transferring each website hosted on the Vortex servers over to new servers at Intelliworx but this will be a seamless, behind the scenes change and there will be no change in the way you work with your website or the passwords you use.
How will we get support after July 1st? Once the transition is complete over the weekend, you will need to contact Intelliworx with the contact details shown above. The Vortex phone number will redirect to Intelliworx. Support emails to Vortex addresses will be transferred to the helpdesk address at Intelliworx.
Who will provide support to us? Will they know our systems and how we work? We are currently in the process of bringing the other UK staff up to speed on the information they will need to support you so they will be ready to help you with any issues you may have from July 1st. Nigel will also continue to be available to assist with support calls as needed.
What happens to work outstanding or in progress at the time of the changeover?

All work done after July 1st will be invoiced by Intelliworx. Work completed before that date will be invoiced by Vortex as normal.

As Vortex invoices for work done on tickets when they are completed, tickets that have been partially worked on will be dealt with on a case by case basis to determine how they will be split between the two companies. We will ensure that this process does not result in an increased cost to you for the work done on the ticket.

Any support tickets that have not yet been started will be transferred to Intelliworx and will be invoiced by Intelliworx as normal once the work is completed.

How big is Intelliworx? Intelliworx have 12 people in Australia and 3 people in the UK after the merger. The two offices work together to share work and expertise as required to maximise our responsiveness and ability.
Can we cancel if we don’t want to go to Intelliworx?

We hope that all our clients choose to stay with us through this transition to a better level of service provision. However, if you decide that you do not wish to work with Intelliworx, there is no obligation for you to do so. As has always been the case, you may choose to cancel your email, web or support services at any time. As part of the cancellation process we will provide you with details of the information we hold about you and it will then be removed from our systems as much as is practicable shortly after that point.

Vortex will no longer be trading after July 1st so it will not be possible for us to provide you with any IT services from Vortex after this date.

Will both Nigel and Sidd be transferring to Intelliworx

Nigel will be transferring to work with Intelliworx on July 1st and is keen to remain working with you all there for a significant period of time.

Sidd has decided to take this opportunity to move on from Vortex so will no longer be in the office from July 1st. We are sorry to see him go and are very grateful for his hard work over the last 18 months.